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Now enrolling for the 2014-2015 School Year!

Over the last 13 years, the Sunshine Learning Center has built a solid reputation as Broward's leading center for homeschool classes.  The reason for our success is our intense dedication to each and every student.  Included with tuition is all the extra help your student will need.  This serves not only the struggling student, but also the student who wishes to excel faster.  This approach has helped thousands of homeschoolers over the last decade. 

Classes are taught by full time teachers dedicated and trained to work with South Florida homeschoolers. Parents are not responsible for teaching the material to the child, the center provides all the teaching and testing necessary for academic success.  Most teachers have taught homeschoolers with us between five and ten years.

Since we have found that  one and a half hour weekly class may not be enough for many students. Included with tuition are up to 10 weekly hours of workshop time and any extra private tutoring that is necessary for the student to gain mastery of the material. This includes all subjects: Math, Science, English, Spanish, Social Sciences, etc...

The students that have attended our center often dual enroll, receive college scholarships, and academically rival students attending schools like Pine Crest and American Heritage on SAT scores.

There are a lot of options available for extra help with your homeschool studies. Before signing up for classes anywhere, ask yourself the following questions:

Is extra help included with tuition?
Are the tests and quizzes taken in class or at home?
Who grades the quizzes and tests?
How many total weeks of instruction are there?
How many total hours of instruction are there?
Can my child stay between classes or do I have to pick him or her up?

All SLC high school math and science classes will be counted as honors classes as long as the student achieves an average of 85% or greater.

Included with tuition is ...

Unlimited Use of the Workshops--Workshops are from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm Monday through Wednesday, and 1:00 - 4:00 pm Thursday and Friday .Workshops operate like a study hall. Students are encouraged to use these workshops as much as they want to in order to do their homework and study for tests. There are always teachers and tutors ready to answer questions in the workshops as well as supplementary material to make learning easier. Check the Workshop page for more information on these resources.

Free One-On-One Private Tutoring and Phone Access to a Teacher - Between the classes and workshops, most of the students are able to do well on their tests. In some cases, a student may need extra help especially with math, science, reading, and writing. If this happens, there is still yet another option for help. Teachers and/or tutors will work with your student one-on-one at no extra charge until your student feels comfortable with the material. Additionally, a teacher is never more than a phone call away when students are trying to finish homework or study for a test. Students can also email in questions to their teachers. With these mechanisms in place, it is very hard for students to fall behind.

Guidance with College Admissions - There are as many schools to select from as there are careers. Sorting out the different admissions requirements and financial aid applications can be maddening. Let our guidance department aid you with these difficult decisions. We can guide you in college and career exploration, admissions counseling, transcript preparation, FAFSA, Bright Futures, private scholarships and much more!

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